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A products’ actual development begins with the production of prototypes. The same parameters have to be considered as for the conception (e.g. selection of raw materials, process requirements, costs). Additionally other topics occur, like sensoric qualification and the focus of a product towards a specific nutritional composition.

When there is work and evaluation done on the topic shelf life, possibilities for efficient packing are discussed as well.

In particular we offer activities in the following areas:

  • Prototype Development
  • Further Development of Raw Materials
  • Developing Health Concepts
  • Considering Nutrition Facts
  • Developing Products
  • Sensoricl Evaluations
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Transport Properties
  • Statements on shelf life
  • Advertisement and Health Claims
  • Food Regulatory Evaluations
  • Developing Packing Concepts
  • Costing for Material and Product

Old patterns are not always the right way to develop and produce new products. Small nuances in a product can lead easily to undesirable reactions of the manufacturing equipment. Therefore it is necessary that R+D people accompany the up-scaling process because they have really understood the new product and know how it will react under certain circumstances. Almost the same applies to the selection of a contract manufacturer.

But the contract manufacturer should also satisfy the company-internal quality standards. To prevent a failure in the production stage, we will support you in this last stage of a product’s development.

We offer you:

  • U-Scaling Support
  • Supplier Selection and Audits
  • Contract Manufacturer Selection and Qualification
  • Develop Cooperation Plans
  • Determine Production Costs
  • Launch Support

Product Focus


Bonbons, Mints, aerated confectionery, jelly articles, chewing gum, sugar-free products


Raw paste, mixtures, technological influences, varieties, Füllungen fillings, substitute materials


Pastes, purees, concentrates, fillings, preserves, drinks, dried fruits, flavourings, enrichment, bonds


Sweet: Nut, chocolate, fruit, cream
Savoury: Mustard, mayonnaise, yeast, vegetable basis, fat basis, meat basis


Cookies, crisp bread (with or without sugar)


Creams, Pudding, international specialties, thickener alternatives, Convenience


Muesli bars, fruit bars, chocolate bars, waffle bars

Soups and Sauces

Cream soups, consommes, sauce types (white and dark), - flavour variants, frozen, dried and sterile products

Bouillons & Broths

Flavour variants, ingredients, technologies

Milk and Cheese products

rice pudding, yoghurt: probiotic-prebiotic; cheese spread, soft cheese, cream cheese, formulation and raw material adaptation

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