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inventfood can offer you assistance in every single phase of your product development process, or adopt full responsibility for the technically oriented innovation process .

In doing so, we can also take over subtasks during the development of your new product or organize your innovative portfolio (Innovationfunnel) for the next few years.

The main services that our company provides includes the creative technical development of prototypes, basic research activities to develop a further understanding of raw materials and products, and the development and optimization of products so as to meet the full needs of your customers.

In addition to the provision of theoretical support and consultancy, our company also develops real products in our laboratory and pilot plant. Furthermore, we have multiple complex physical measuring methods available that allow us to directly examine the most important characteristics of new raw materials, products or packing. Our company can also assist you with up-scaling in terms of your own production or externally.


  The Outstanding Characteristics of our Company
  • Ability to understand and respond quickly to given questions
  • Extensive experience in product development  
  • Well-founded expert knowledge in many disciplines  
  • The developmental process is performed at an optimal pace
  • Flexible in the distribution of responsibilities and resources  
  • Able to offer additional ideas and concepts through different perspectives  
  • Ability to provide additional knowledge and expertise for your experts  
  • Able to provide sources that meet your financial budget  
  • Everything provided from one source



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